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What do I have to do when a flight is disrupted ?

Understand how to manage a disrupted flight
Written by Valentina
Updated 8 months ago

When a flight is disrupted you will be noticed by email and a "!" sign will appear next to the order in the orders page.

In this case you will have to open the order and then open the "Order history" tab.

At the end of this page you might either see this options: 

In which case you can chose your preferred one.

  • If you want to cancel and refund, you can click that button and see how much the refund will be. You wont be cancelling the order right away, there will be a step before that where you will be able to make choices depending on the conditions. 

Or you will see this other option:

In which case you can dismiss the message by clicking ok, but you will have to directly contact the airline to accept, change or cancel the order. 

If you have any issues with the available options in Bookingpad or you need to discuss the conditions for the changes or cancelations please contact the airline directly. They will be able to help you. 

Notice that you should have the airlines contacts given to you when you signed the agreements with them.  

If you want us to send a notification email to the agency in general and not to the agent specifically please contact us to provide us with an operations email contact. 
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