Order Tools

Find out how to export your order, ask for approval, make a new search, and download a pdf.
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The available order tools are displayed at the top of the page.

Search Again

Use this tool to return to shopping results based on the current orders itinerary and passenger information. This can be useful for expired bookings that need to be reserved again for the same traveler(s).

Request Approval

Click to send notification emails to all the travellers in the booking and to the corporate manager (as per configuration in the corporate profile).


To use this tool first use the Orders > Search function to quickly find the Booking that you want to export. At the top you will see these options:

Click on "Export" to export NDC Bookings to third-party supported formats:

  • Galor (TravelBooster)
  • AIR (Amadeus Interface Record)

Download PDF

Choose the information you want to share, and click Download PDF.

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