Find and View Existing Orders

The Order tab enables you to view, search and manage all existing orders across all airlines.
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In the Order page you can view, search and make changes to all existing orders made by you and your colleagues. 

Switch tabs from the top menu to see only specific types of booking

  • All
  • Cancelled
  • On Hold 
  • Ticketed
  • Disrupted
  • Under Approval
  • Approved
  • Refused
  • Search


Use "scope" option to only see your orders and “sort by” option to sort it by date. 

Search for a specific order, by entering any of the information you have available in the search tab.

The order list displays the following information:

  • PROVIDER: Airline the order has been made with
  • BOOKING DATE: Date and time the order was booked
  • EXPIRATION: Date and time of expiration for on-hold bookings
  • PNR: PNR code
  • TYPE:  Trip Type (one-way, round trip, or multi-city)
  • O&D: Departing and arriving airports
  • PAX: Number of passengers (hover to view passenger names)
  • DEPARTURE DATE: Data and time of departure (hover to view days remaining)
  • APPROVAL STATUS: Approval status, if corporate approvals are used
  • STATUS: Order status (On-Hold, Ticketed, Completed, Cancelled, Expired)
  • ACTION: Allows you to view, amend or cancel an order

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