Change Dates/Itinerary - Order Reshop

Use "Order Reshop" to change flight dates, flight times or upgrade.
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Use the Orders > Search option to quickly find the Issued Order to change

To see any restrictions on changes go to Order Details, and you will find them under Fare Rules. 

To start the change process click on "Order Reshop" (you will find this option at the bottom of the page)

Select the action you want to take using the dop-down option (Upgrade, Same Day, New date) and hit search. 

  1. A summary of available itinerary changes and upgrades will be displayed. Price adjustments are shown in green, along with the number of available flight offers in brackets.
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of the cabin type to view the available flight offers.
  3. Once an offer is chosen, click Select to proceed with the change/upgrade.
  4. A summary of the current flight, and the new offer selected will be displayed. Click Payment to proceed.
  5. The Fill payment data form will appear. Select the Payment method and enter the required payment details.
  6. Click Proceed.
  7. A success message will be displayed. Click OK to dismiss.
  8. Confirmation of the change will be displayed in two locations:

Order Details, under Flight Details

Order History, as an ItineraryChange

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