Cancel and Refund an Order

Check fare rules, cancel an order and ask for refund, find where you can confirm that an order has been canceled.
Written by Valentina
Updated 1 year ago

Use the Orders > Search function to quickly find the Issued Booking to be cancelled.

To see any restrictions on cancellations and refunds go to Order Details, and you will find them under Fare Rules. 

If cancelation is allowed,  follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Cancel Order button at the bottom of the Order Details page.

  2. A cancellation summary will appear, with a breakdown of the fare to be refunded.

  3. Click Refund and Cancel Order.

    Warning: This action cannot be undone. A booking cannot be re-issued once cancelled.

A success message will be displayed. Click Close window to dismiss.

Confirmation of the cancelled booking will be displayed in two locations:

- Under Order Details, a red CANCELLED status badge will be displayed on the right hand side.

- Under Order History, as Order Cancelled 

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