Find out all you can manage from Bookingpad’s Agency Portal
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Bookingpad’s Agency Portal application is where a travel agency manager can manage their agents and roles, view Airlines status, allow operations or payment methods and add Subagencies if needed. 

Manage Agents

In this section, Agencies can do the following:

  • See all the agents who have been granted access to bookingpad and change their  status and privilege level
  • Invite new agents
  • Activate and deactivate agents
  • Promote Agents to SuperAgent

Airlines/Providers Status

In this section, Agencies can view all available airlines/providers


In this section, the agency manager can find reports of their agency activity on Bookingpad. 

API Access for Third-parties & Developers

In this section, Agencies can do the following:

  • Get and validate their API Plan key
  • Access NDC API developer guides such as manuals and short video tutorials


In this section, an agency with many branches can add and manage sub-agencies.

To learn more about how to manage sub-agencies, please consult the article "Manage sub-agencies" 

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